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Infinite cover.png
Released November 12, 1996
Recorded 1995−1996
Genre Underground hip hop
Length 3:43
Label Web Entertainment
Producer Mr. Porter

"Tonite" is a song by American hip hop artist Eminem. It is the fifth track on his debut album Infinite (1996). It was produced by Mr. Potter.


[Verse 1]
I'm getting mad love, I'm snuggling hugs
Struggling thugs, smuggling drugs
 Juggling jobs, guzzling jugs
So here's a toast to federal checks
Hetero sex, unaffordable medical debts
We travel in packs and ravel in facts and gravel in cracks
To find babbling Max gaffling tracks
I grapple an axe for them baffling acts
 The mysterious stab-in-the-backs who dabble in wax
Still in my yard when I sculpted the culprit
The tall shit that will end up with his skull split
Then I buried the hatchet, I carry the fat shit
Butterfingers is here and it's necessary to scratch it
Baby, all I wanna do is swallow one or two
Smoke a little bit and follow on to you
 Back home when the party ends
 So tonight I'm dropping naughty hints
 To the finest women in the audience

Cause we came here to do this tonight
 We don't wanna fight, we don't want no one feeling uptight
 Cause we came here to do this tonight
 'Til the morning light, hope that everyone's feeling alright

 Verse 2:
 Ayo, biters are like tarantulas, vandalous
Living as scandalous as a television evangelist
But I can handle this, I'm the rhyme biter crime fighter
 Caped crusader, taking care of undeserving lime lighters
I think a living never meant for me
Experimentally I found a way to spread interamentally
When I stumbled upon this resolution
 By using a special fusion of chemical solution for this resolution
You couldn't see me with binoculars
I'm armed like an octopus
Step on stage and you'll get socked and pushed
 Talking that junk like you went black, guarded your back
Come battle me and you get smacked as hard as you act
 When I rap, I represent it and put a referee in it
 Every minute so when I win it you never resent it
I'm forever demented
Come up with funk: I'll never be scented
You got the point when I cleverly sent it


 [Verse 3]
Eminem is heading skyward, for those who thought
That I would make you bored and treat you like a piece of plywood
 I've got miracle lyrical capability all in me
 With the agility to escape a killer bee colony
So get your cameras and capture how miraculous
 I rap for all you Draculas and showed you all how whack you was
I meant it as a diss, cause you don't posses the pizazz as this
I'm hazardous enough already as it is
Without you adding fuel to the fire; I'm cruel to the liar
 Who fails to recognize my reign of hell, rule to the sire
Clinical studies show that I'm cynical
There's no one who's identical to my fresh and authentic flow
I'm sure the party people can agree
That I'm enchanting, with the romantic
Freaking the vocals so frantically
So throw your hands up in the atmosphere
 And let them know the only party that was phat was here