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Born April 16, 2002 (age 19)
St. Joseph, MO
Aliases Stevie (2020-present)
Parents Kimberly Anne Scott (mother)
Marshall Mathers (adoptive father)
Eric Hartter (biological father)
Website URL of Stevie's TikTok

Stevie Laine (born April, 16 2002), was born in Saint Joseph, Missouri and raised in Michigan growing up.

Stevie announced to their followers on Instagram on October 17, 2017 at the age 15 that they are bisexual at a Harry Styles concert. They're non-binary and prefer to use all pronouns they/he/she.

Family Members[]

Eminem's youngest adopted child and Kimberly's youngest biological child. They have an older maternal half-sister named Hailie Jade and a cousin, who's now their oldest adopted sister named Alaina Marie Scott. They also have a maternal half-brother named Parker Scott who is yet to have any information.

Their actual father is Eric Hartter, he was a tattoo artist who died in August 22, 2019 on a Thursday. He was found dead in some abandoned house located in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. who might of died of overdose on some type of drugs.

Their auntie is Dawn Scott (Kim's twin sister; deceased), and their adoptive grandparents are Deborah Mathers-Briggs (née Nelson) and Marshall Mathers, Jr. (deceased). Their other grandparents are Kathleen Sluck (deceased) and has a step-grandfather named Casimer Sluck (via Kimberly "Kim" Anne Scott; deceased) and a grandmother named Marie Hartter.


Their Instagram is @stevielainee.

Songs mentioned[]

When I'm Gone (referred to as "Hailie's" little sister)