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Stanley Mitchell (Stan) is an over obsessed fan about Marshall Mathers (Eminem) mentioned in the song called "Stan". He often wrote to Eminem about his life problems or saying that he's his biggest fan of him.

Letters to me[]

Stanley was a big fan of Eminem, writing him numerous letters detailing his experiences with depression, suicide attempts, and issues maintaining a positive relationship with his pregnant girlfriend (Dido). Stanley slowly became more unstable and unhinged due to Eminem not writing him back soon enough. His issues eventually culminated into him tying his girlfriend (Dido) up, putting her in the trunk of his car, and recording one last cassette tape for Eminem before driving off a bridge into a lake below. At the scene, police officers recovered the cassette tape that Stan had recorded for Eminem. The tape contained the last words that stan would of said. It is presumed that Stan died instantly, while his girlfriend (Dido) suffocated to death in the trunk before help could arrive.

After Stan’s funeral, his mother and his little brother, Matthew Mitchell, are seen standing in front of his grave, where it is revealed that Matthew had dyed his hair blonde and though not said in the song, it is likely that he turned out just as his older brother did.

Once Eminem had finally received Stan's letters, he responded, sending Matthew an autographed Denver Broncos hat and then telling Stan to treat his girlfriend better. Right before he mails it, the news report shows Stan's death and Stans reflection is then seen on Eminem's window.

Please notice that there is no official evidence that this actually happened and that this is a made up fictional character showing an over obsessed fan.