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Slim Shady is the alter-ego of Eminem and is one of Eminem's personalities.

Looks & Personality[]

Shady is formerly known to wear a white shirt with bleached blonde hair.

Shady is mostly known for his violent actions and lyrics like murdering his ex-wife Kimberly Scott.

The Slim Shady EP (1997)[]

Following the failure of Infinite, Eminem developed an alter-ego, Slim Shady, who spoke about more controversial and violent acts. Shady was featured in every single album from 1997-2009.

Eminem Kills Slim Shady (2005)[]

In Eminem's Dream about the Curtain Closing in "When I'm Gone", after Hailie reveals that Kim has killed herself after Eminem leaves for Sweden, he finds a gun backstage and shoots himself in the head. This kills Slim Shady, causing him to wake up from his dream.

The Resurrection (2013)[]

Eminem eventually broke into the Parking Lot, where he accidentally resurrects Slim Shady to save himself from police.