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Album/EP Release date & info
Straight from the Lab October 2003
The exact release date is unknown; album artwork is similar to Relapse and Relapse: Refill, making it the original title in the series.
Relapse May 15, 2009
The first official Relapse title; was later re-released as Relapse: Refill.
Relapse: Refill December 21, 2009
Essentially the original version of Relapse with nine songs that were originally designated for a Relapse 2.
Recovery June 18, 2010
Originally supposed to be called Relapse 2, Eminem took a different approach and instead made Recovery about a healing process after getting clean.
Straight from the Lab Part 2 2011
A collection of leaked songs following Recovery; track 14 -- "Living Proof" -- appeared on Bad Meets Evil's sole album Hell: The Sequel.
Revival December 15, 2017
Following the announcement that a "new drug" was available, Eminem released Revival, which primarily parodied the Trump Administration and the current state of the Republican party.