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Birth Name Kimberly Anne Scott
Born January 9th, 1975
Warren, Michigan, United States
Parents Kathleen Sluck (mother; deceased)
Casimer Sluck (stepfather; deceased)


Kimberly Anne Scott was born on January 9, 1975, to Kathleen Lou Doherty. She was a twin and her twin sister’s name is Dawn Scott.(Kimberly and Dawn never knew their biological father). The twins were born in Warren, in the midwestern state of Michigan, USA. The girls were raised by their mother who had remarried – their alcoholic stepfather Casimer Sluck, was a very abusive drunk. This terrible domestic situation led to the girls running away from home. Asides the domestic problems, little is known about other aspects of Kimberly Anne Scott’s early life. Kimberly Anne Scott and her twin sister Dawn Scott attended Lincol High School, United States.

Kimberly and Eminem developed a romantic relationship while they were living with his mother. On the Christmas Day of 1995, their daughter Hailie Jade was born. Kimberly Anne Scott subsequently moved out of the Mathers’ home. At this point, Eminem’s career had taken off, and he struggled to juggle music and family. Despite evident signs early on in their relationship pointing to incompatibility, the pair got married in 1999.

Kimberly Anne Scott receives a sum of $52,000 yearly from Eminem, for child and spousal support. Kim has a career as an illustrator and writer. Her most popular works are children’s books. Kimberly Anne Scott’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million..