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Birth Name Hailie Jade Scott Mathers
Born December 25, 1995
Detroit, Michigan, United States
Aliases HaiHai (By Her Father)
Parents Kimberly Anne Scott (Mother)

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Father)

Hailie Jade Scott Mathers was born to Kimberly Anne Scott and Marshall Bruce Mathers III on December 25th, 1995 in Detroit, Michigan, United States. She is currently 26 years old.

Hailie Jade's Education[]

As a child, Hailie went to Cherokee Elementary School. She went to Chippewa Valley High School and graduated in 2014. She went to Michigan State University (MSU) located in East Lansing, Michigan and she graduated from University with a degree in Psychology in June 2018.

Kimberly's relationship with Eminem[]

Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem first met when they were in their early teens. They met in a house party when she saw him rapping LL Cool J’s track, I Am Bad, while standing on top of a table. She was 13, while Eminem was 15 back then. Kim instantly developed a liking towards him. They talked the whole time they were in the party and that was the beginning of their relationship. It has been said that music brought them closer. Also, they both had a difficult childhood which too, played a crucial role in developing their relationship. Kim, along with her twin sister, Dawn, ran away from her home to escape the clutches of her alcoholic and abusive step-father. They found shelter at a center on the outskirts of Detroit. Eminem too, had a similar childhood experience. He was abandoned by his father and dwelled at many rehab centers. After the party, Kim asked Eminem if she and her sister could move in with him as they needed a safer place to live. Eminem, who was living with his mother back then, agreed and took the twins to his home. Eminem’s mother was shocked to see them, but as days passed by, she became fond of Kim. According to her, Kim was pretty and had a voluptuous figure. She has also said Kim looked older than she was. Kim got pregnant while she was living with Eminem. However, their relation was already soured by then. Eminem’s growing success gave rise to many differences between them. Nevertheless, Kimberly delivered the first child, a girl, on December 25, 1995. She was named Hailie Jade. Though they had a troubled relationship, they decided to get married. Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem exchanged vows in 1999, but it did nothing to make their relationship work. Eminem incorporated his hatred towards Kim in his songs. He composed a song in 2000 and titled it Kim. The song was included in the album, The Marshall Mathers LP. The following year, they finally called it quits and got divorced. Kim was devastated after the divorce. Not that she was still in love with Eminem, but because of the fact that she had to manage her finances without a permanent job. Kim, as an escape route, started taking drugs. Her first arrest warrant was issued in 2001 as she was accused of consuming cocaine. But, she was not convicted. Kimberly Anne Scott was charged with drug possession in 2003. She was taken into custody after she was found carrying cocaine and possessing a suspended driving license. Post her release, Kim reconciled with Eminem and they once again started living together. They even remarried in January 2006, but got separated three months later. In 2016, Kim’s twin sister died of a drug overdose (Eminem adopted her daughter, Alaina, in the early 2000's). Eminem also adopted Kim’s illegitimate child which she conceived after being in a brief relationship with a tattoo artist named Eric Hartter. Kim was charged for attempting suicide in 2015. She confessed that she got high and then drove her black Escalade with an intention of crashing the car. The incident occurred at 23 Mile and Card Roads in Macomb County. Eminem has displayed his hatred towards Kim in songs such as '97 Bonnie & Clyde and 'Puke'. He once invited Kim to his concert after making a promise that he would not say a word about their relationship. But while he was on the stage, he punched a doll that represented Kim while rapping bad things about her. In another incident, Eminem caught Kim kissing a bouncer outside a nightclub. He assaulted the man brutally for which he was later arrested. Eminem mentioned this incident in his song, The Kiss (Skit) for the album, The Eminem Show. Eminem apologized to Kimberly in his song titled 'Bad Husband' where he raps: "But, I'm sorry Kim. More than you could ever comprehend. Leaving you was f*cking harder than sawing off a f*cking body limb. Once upon a time, we were all we had". Although Kim has no job to contribute to her net-worth, she did gain a lot of wealth by being the wife of a world-famous rapper.

Hailie Jade's Profession, Relationship & Websites[]

Hailie Jade decided to become a social media influencer, despite the fact that she graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Psychology. She is in a relationship with Evan McClintock. She met McClintock at university and they started dating in 2016. Her Instagram account is @hailiejade and her TikTok account is @hailie_jade_.

Hailie Jade's Family members[]

Parents: Kimberly Anne Scott (Mother), Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Father)

Siblings: Alaina Marie Mathers (Cousin and Adopted Sister), Stevie Laine (Half Sibling and Adopted Sibling), Parker Scott (Half Brother).

Grandparents: Deborah Mathers-Briggs (Paternal Grandmother), Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. (Paternal Grandfather), Kathleen Sluck (Maternal Grandmother), Casimer Sluck (Maternal Grandfather).

Aunts: Ashley Mae (Wife of Nathan Mathers), Sarah Mathers (Paternal Half Aunt), Dawn Scott (Maternal Aunt).

Uncles: Nathan Kane Mathers (Paternal Half Uncle), Michael Mathers (Paternal Half Uncle).

Songs Mentioned[]