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LuckyTaaru LuckyTaaru 18 June 2021

Why is there Logic stuff on here

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Kris tha 6'7 Kris tha 6'7" 4 January 2021

Why am I adding discography for non-Eminem artists

For those that have been following my work on this wiki, you've noticed that I've added information for Eminem (duh!), but also for Logic, Jessie Reyez, Juice WRLD, and K.mc. (yes, myself, sorry, I couldn't help it; thought it would be interesting trivial fact). I did this because this wiki is about the universe surrounding Eminem and his work, not just Em himself. It's not only about the albums and features, but about what others have written because of him.

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Kris tha 6'7 Kris tha 6'7" 21 December 2020


Changed some colours. Everything should be readable now.

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Kris tha 6'7 Kris tha 6'7" 20 December 2020


I'm saying that I will soon add more info to Music To Be Murdered By - Side B as soon as it develops, and that I am on my way to finishing the "Discography" section for Logic. 

In addition, there is quite possibly a chance that something could be leaked in an article (who knows!).

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LuckyTaaru LuckyTaaru 27 May 2020

This wiki is very outdated

On the front page it says SHADYXV is his new album


its not

is there even a Revival, Kamikaze or Music To Be Murdered By page?

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POWERStarz2004 POWERStarz2004 29 October 2016

The first post

I don't know what to say about this.

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KatieB1088 KatieB1088 22 January 2016


Ever since i can remember i have been listening to eminem!!! I biggest wish is to meet him some day.....i used to dream that i babysat hailie and lanie lol I used to cut out everything about him in magazines and pin it on my wall!!! Oh well i might never get to meet him but i can dream!!!! 

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BradleyMc BradleyMc 26 June 2015

eminem vs 2pac

they both look different

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BradleyMc BradleyMc 26 June 2015

Em n em

em n em is from annoying orange. he plays nice peter

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DylanTBest123 DylanTBest123 28 November 2014

Message From Former Administrator

On a previous account, I was originally an administrator on this Wiki. Due to a long absence, I have noticed that this wiki is flooded with grammatical errors, inaccuracys, information that require citations, plagurism, and many other characteristics of an unprofessional Wiki, so I do believe that all current editors should begin cleaning up articles.

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Slimshady2015 Slimshady2015 20 November 2014

Slim shady I can relate

In the beginning eminem grew up in a broken home(his father left him, just as my mom abandoned me for partying and drugs) his music speaks from a deep seeded place in his heart. His mother does drugs, and doesn't really act like a mother to him (just like my mom). He loves rap music like I do (then again he is a rapper, so it makes spence that he likes rap music). Just so you know how much I love his music here's a list of songs by him I know word for word. Mockingbird Rap god Not afraid When I'm gone Without me The real slim shady My name is Lose yourself Watcha think? Please leave questions comments and complaints below.

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Vickki22 Vickki22 28 June 2014

All About Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Eminem is an American rapper, record producer and actor known as one of the most controversial and best-selling artists of the early 21st century.

     American rapper, record producer and actor Eminem was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on October 17, 1972, in St. Joseph, Missouri. He never knew his father, Marshall Mathers Jr., who abandoned the family when Eminem was still an infant and rebuffed all of his son's many attempts to contact him during his childhood. As a result, Eminem was raised by his mother, Deborah Mathers. She never managed to hold down a job for more than several months at a time, so they moved frequently between Missouri and Detroit, Michigan, spending large chunks of time in public housing projects. "I would change s…

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CarsonChrismer CarsonChrismer 29 April 2014


The quality of this wiki. Some people just literally don't try and make articles quality. I mean I was looking at Relapse singles and Beautiful was listed as the forth single but 3AM wasn't listed as the third. Come to think of it, I don't think it said it was a single at all. So I did the right thing and fixed it. Seriously though, lets work on making this a highly visited wiki.  

Also if anyones looking for another wiki about a rapper, check out and help me get The Dr. Dre Wiki started up. If you help me a lot I will make you an admin. 

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CarsonChrismer CarsonChrismer 15 April 2014

My First Blog Post: Cleanup and References

This is my first blog post. Hope you enjoy. 

So i've been looking around the wiki. And wow. There are so many pages that need cleanup. Half aren't even monitored. For example on the Shady Records article it still listed 50 Cent as a current artist. But in reality, on Febuary 20th, 2014, 50 Cent left Shady, Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records. 

Man. Nearly every article on here does not have references unless its on I created or edited. We need sources cause if we don't we won't be telling where we got the facts and we will almost be plagirizing. And we want people to believe us and be able to trust us and see where we got our sources. 

Thanks everybody for reading my first post

1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shady_Records

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Thereal opian Thereal opian 11 April 2014

Encores underated

Encore has so many good songs like like toy soldiers mosh evil deeds mockingbird yellow brick road we as americans 1 shot 2 shot ricky ticky toc and people says it sucks

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DarkSlayer 3 DarkSlayer 3 22 November 2013

New Freestyle

While you were itty-bitty sippin on yo momma's tittie

I was growinng up in a city

where the art is graffiti

Im the master

of disaster

Im a heartless bastard

where's my blaster

I assimilate haters and incinerate them

I pwn these masterbaters

watch it fools

I doodle poodles and noodles

I eat moogle

I cockblock a cop's cock on the block

and open Pandora's box while I watch Dora exploradora

This is sucha bore

but, can I have a little more

of wild boar cooked by a certain whore

I don't believe in folklore

just ask my folks

Im evil to core

toes to cranium living in this delirium sometimes

havin fun.

Me, I live to days at a time trying to triple time and make conmplex rhymes to perplex your brain

Just mindfucked you without a rubber.

Just ask your sister or your mother. …

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DarkSlayer 3 DarkSlayer 3 14 November 2013

Breaking down Slim Shady

Everyone's favorite villain is Slim Shady (true fact). I am going to break down persona's used in albums, then songs.

  • 1 Slim Shady EP/LP
  • 2 Marshall Mathers LP
  • 3 Eminem Show
  • 4 Encore
  • 5 Re-Up
  • 6 Relapse
  • 7 Recovery
  • 8 Marshall Mathers LP 2
  • 9 Afterword

Most of the songs are told through Eminem's Shady persona. Rock bottom seems to be told through Marshall; if I had is told by Eminem, the artist.

Most of this album is told through Eminem and Marshalls(influenced by his anger) perspective. Real Slim Shady-nuff said.

Without Me is clearly told through Shady persona. The rest of the album is primarily through Eminem.

Can't find Shady on here! XD

All Shady here. yep.

Relapse was pure Slim Shady. It had a demonic  violence  tone to it and darker content. This wan't the playf…

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Dylansthebest123 Dylansthebest123 10 November 2013

MMLP 2 Review

Well, the album of the year has finally been released. These are my thoughts on it.

  • 1 First off
    • 1.1 Everyone elses opinion
    • 1.2 Review Of All Songs
    • 1.3 Final Verdict

Marshall Mathers LP 2 is his first album in 3 years, probably only successful (Critically) album in 9 years, and was one of this years most anticipated albums.

Everything I heard, was the exact. Same. Thing. Ever. Examples:


"Too much rihanna" 

"Horrible compared to his old ****"
"Sucks more then Recovery"

"Hillarious...ly horrible."

"*insert sentence with 30 different grammatical errors and only 5 words*"

Anyway, all of these are very similar to my opinion on... Miley Cyrus. Anyway, this is my review on every song *Excluding the deluxe version and CoD: Ghosts Bonus*

Bad Guy - Th…

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DarkSlayer 3 DarkSlayer 3 4 November 2013


This will only be up here temporarily.


You come here with a runny nose

and wack clothes

You say you get all the hoes

well, Im your worst foe

Go drink piss and catch Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

Australopithecus Robustsus

this is the end of this diss. Then again

I dont give a damn if I live in Compton.

Give me a a fat hen,

a nice lesbian,

a cd of Eminem

and one of MC REN

, a Barbie Doll and a Ken,

Oh Yeah Revive Uncle Ben.

Walkin through the st.

with DC's on my feet.

Birds take th flight

It's now night

I pull out a snack and take a bite.

Cold Wind Blows

Enought to fly a kite

I see a deranged stranger

with a prob

I think its anger

He comes to me with a gun at close range

and begs for some change.

Part 2

Fuck Bicylces

I let Skylar Grey ride my Tricycl…

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DarkSlayer 3 DarkSlayer 3 4 November 2013

Eminem wins Youtube



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Karticobra Karticobra 14 October 2013

1. Unloved feat Altering Achsa , Holistic Ann and Tiga

You  people think that I am a disgrace ,showed me  hate  and   I  feel  like  you live every day to see my misery  feels  like this is a bad way to repay me  for not showin you any disrespect , all you live for is to see  if  I  ever get a broken neck  when all I need is love  someone to date and fall in love  with  I  have  a  diagnosis , aspergers , never once did  it  occur to y'all that I was autistic  for y'all  my very life I would risk it ,pay death a visit , I  want to date and love but  y'all  like  seein my deprivation  with me none of you want any relation honestly I’m tired  of this shit,  romance I need a lot of it but  I feel you ain’t got the guts to show me any love and I feel y'all wanna tear me up  and   and I just -

( Sun…

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Karticobra Karticobra 11 September 2013

Free -Style

Yo , Yo,Yo  

you fuckin bitch I hate you wish you were in hell gettin cooked , cant even read a book bout you , wish you was barbecued bitch imma be hard on you commit suicide , I hope you do or imma ask the government to execute you , gonna shit on you beat the shit outta you , that's my dream , wanna hear you scream gonna gett'em to shoot you clean ( short rap)

by the way , its very hard for me to write songs in a poetic format .
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Dylansthebest123 Dylansthebest123 31 August 2013

Eminem to play the riddler? *Rumor*

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 News
  • 3 My Opinion
  • 4 Conclusion

DylPool here bringing you more Eminem news once again. This time concerning one of my favorite things, Comic Book Movies.

a fan asked Paul Rosenberg if Marshall was involved in 2015s Man of Steel 2 (Worlds Finest, Batman Vs Superman) (i for one think this was a random question but, anyway) Paul responded with "No. But i always thought he'd make a good riddler"

Marshall has openly been a long time comic book fan, to comparing him and Dr. Dre to Batman & Robin, even appearing in an issue of Marvels Punisher Comic.

It has recently been rumored that the Riddler would appear as one of the main villains (Alongside the Superman Nemises, Lex Luthor.) the rumored actors are Leonardo DiCaprio, and Justin Timberla…

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Dylansthebest123 Dylansthebest123 26 August 2013

Rules (Rough Draft, WIP)

Well since theres a 94% chance of 10000s of Anons coming here and probably starting arguements and other stuff, i want to *Attempt* to make rules. Its loosely based on the Wiki Terms of use. Also, when i say users i mean everyone AWCs, Users, Admns, everyone.

  • Do not Harrass, intimidate, or abuse other users
  • Please do not post anything Racial, Religious, Homophobic
  • Do not post pornographic content.
  • If your under 18, please dont go around telling anyone.
  • Do not impersonate other users.
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Dylansthebest123 Dylansthebest123 26 August 2013

The King is back

Big news! i am currently watching the MTV video awards 2013 (Spoiler: it all sucked) anyway, i saw a commercial that appeared to be a Beats By Dre commercial. BUT. it showed the Eminem logo, and contained a snippet of a song. then, the letters "MMLP2" were on screen. It also gave a November release date. So this CONFIRMS eminem has returned, hopefully due to the name "Marshal Mathers LP 2" it'll bring back his old style (i for one have no problem with his Recovery one,, but a good percentage of others do) According to my sources a Single titled Berzerk will be released Thursday. Check my blog posts for more information, i will keep everyone updated on the latest Eminem info.

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DarkSlayer 3 DarkSlayer 3 23 August 2013

Eminem's website

Today I went to the EMINEM website and I was surprised whenI saw it.

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Dylansthebest123 Dylansthebest123 15 August 2013

Eminem Single to come

Hello everyone, User:Freddysback here to tell you important news.

Well to start off, if you are a Stan you realize that Eminem has recently released a song along with the Call Of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal entitled "Survival". On Interscopes official twitter and many other sources it states to "Watch out for a new eminem single coming soon."

Comment below on when do you think the Single will be released, and your opinion on Survival.

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Karticobra Karticobra 6 August 2013

Please rap battle with me , it will help me get to the top!

Hey  y'all , I want to rap battle every single person on here , inclusive of  the highest ranks. Y'all help me and I will add you on to my label when  I  get  one  :D . Everybody battle me PLEASE :D !!! thanks

Karticobra A.K.A Bloody-Z

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Karticobra Karticobra 5 August 2013

Eminem , The Elvis Presley of American Hip-Hop/Rap , NO INNACURRATENESS !!

Hey , Do you guys feel that Eminem is the best rapper ever ? Well good cause he is and to the people who dont like Eminem , y'all can go fuck yourselfs. Also Eminem is  the best rapper ever.  He is  the Elvis Presley of Rap. No innacurrateness like those people say! Fuck that shit! (Vanilla Ice , you gave him some controversy so we will make a Vanilla Milkshake outta you ). He has made a lot  of  the best albums ANYBODY can buy . Eminem , your the best and I look up to you as a elda brotha dawg. And to Hailie and your sisters , Y'all Inherited his personality and large hearted kindness!!! :D .

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DarkSlayer 3 DarkSlayer 3 1 August 2013



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DarkSlayer 3 DarkSlayer 3 29 July 2013

Rap of the Week 2


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DarkSlayer 3 DarkSlayer 3 24 July 2013

DarkSlayer's Rap of The Week


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Freddysback Freddysback 22 July 2013

Spam Comments

Hello, . Tis I, Nalyd T Best, today i am discussing something i have been noticing, Spam Comments, If you are familiar with the internet you know that Spam means Nonsense & Gibberish, or one thing repeated multiple times. But, today i am asking: Do you consider this spam?

I have recently been noticing loads of comments that are one word or under 5 Characters. so i am asking. Should these be deleted? Tell your opinion in the comment section below, remember to give a reason why you believe that.

~ Dylan.

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Gamerboy555 Gamerboy555 12 July 2013

Favourite Eminem album?

what is your favourite eminem album, post it in the comments

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Freddysback Freddysback 11 July 2013

Nas Vs. Jay Z Who Won?

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Nas Vs. Jay Z
    • 2.1 Jays side
      • 2.1.1 Takeover
    • 2.2 Nas
      • 2.2.1 Ether
  • 3 Conclusion

Well, since i wont be editing for a week (Lil sisters birthday, gonna be gone most the time) I'm gonna make a "Double Blog" of some sort. Well anyway, today (Tonight, depending on when your watching.) i'll be discussing The Greatest Feud Of All Time (Nas Vs. Jay Z) And an eminem one (Nick Cannon Vs. Eminem).

"Ask nas he dont want it with hov" Well obviously, Jay Z was incorrect. Because nas does want it with hov. (Im referencing some Hip Hop documentary that took Jays greatest fact/ claim from Takeover and Nas's Worst/Weakest. In all seriousness.

This is the first shot fired in the small but notorious beef. Although it is considered a nas diss, Mobb Deep is who it…

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Gamerboy555 Gamerboy555 8 July 2013


I am now an admin wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Freddysback Freddysback 6 July 2013

Please Read If You Use This Wiki

This is a short blog, so im just gonna start without Intro, Conclusion ECT.

I encourage people to start getting on the chat, and if you dont have a wikia account make one. I'm gonna start getting on the chat more frequently (daily most likely) in hopes that somone else will start.

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Neko Saiyan Neko Saiyan 5 July 2013

Rick Ross BullSh!t

These past few days I've been noticing in the media that Rick Ross is dissing 50cent ,and has said he is now going to start targeting Eminem ,but this wouldn't be the first time he dissed em. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=auqw0IT-q-0&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dauqw0IT-q-0

,and 50cent has been lashing out back at Rick Ross, and I'm finding this interesting, how do you think this will go down ,and how this might affect Eminem into making a diss record to Rick if he does make smart comments towards Eminem. While here are some links for you guys to check it out if you haven't heard yet. 


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Freddysback Freddysback 4 July 2013

Killuminati: Explained

  • 1 Intro
    • 1.1 The Common Belief
    • 1.2 The True Meaning
  • 2 Conclusion

How this relates to rap? Tupac. Tupac made the term. But in this blog. I give everyone the TRUE, explanation.

It is thought by all that Tupac was killed by the Illuminati for speaking out against him. In fact, some of the more strong believers get pissed off and say "Go Watch a Tupac interview, bitch" or something in that range. But, there is only ONE (Thats right, One.) And in it he gives the explination for the word "Killuminati."

TUPAC HIMSELF said when he was in prison, many people were making conspiracys saying the Illuminati set him up (He was shot at some point in time.) But, Tupac didn't believe. So when he got out he made Killuminati to kill the hype and kill the rumors that th…

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Freddysback Freddysback 4 July 2013

Top 10 Artists of the "New age"

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 To Buisness
    • 2.1 Drake
    • 2.2 Wiz Khalifa
    • 2.3 Kanye West
    • 2.4 Rick Ross
    • 2.5 Kendrick Lamar
    • 2.6 Yelawolf
    • 2.7 J. Cole
    • 2.8 Honorable Mentions

Well, as your probably know, rap is at its lowest these days. Many rappers will never in there career be compared to such legends as, Nas and Ice cube, but as the main critic (I seem to be the only one making blogs about this random stuff) I can assure you there are billions of good rappers still in the game, you just have to look passed the media..

Now, i wont lie. This whole list (Except a few) are always in the media. But they are the top of them all. Maybe there is a underground artist no one has listened to that is the best. (Btw, it was a top 10 but i took some artists off in the proccess)

As somone who FUCKING HA…

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Neko Saiyan Neko Saiyan 4 July 2013

Who Would Win?

Who do you think would win in a Rap Battle Freestyle, Eminem vs. B.Rabbit vs. Slim Shady?

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Freddysback Freddysback 27 June 2013

Top 10 Worst Diss Songs

So since i made a Top 10 Best, might as well.

  • 1 Lil Wayne - Ghoulish
  • 2 Notorious B.I.G - Long Kiss Goodnight.
  • 3 Tupac - Hit em up
  • 4 Pitbull - ?
  • 5 Hopsin
  • 6 Lil Kim - Black Friday
  • 7 ICP - Slim Anus
  • 8 Tim Dog - Fuck Compton
  • 9 P. Diddy, Tupac diss
  • 10 Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe

Well for one, Fail wordplay.

/Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love'um/

/his head up his ass imma have to head butt'um'

Weezy has spoken. He will crawl up an ass just to head butt somone.

Why its not higher: He actually isn't using his annoying effects (Auto-tune for example), has a decent instrumental, and tried to get lyrical (But above, you can see he failed.)

Well for one, before some butthurt Biggie fan comes in, (Which is unlikely, we have 3 active users here.)  just read ahead, it'll please you…

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Freddysback Freddysback 24 June 2013

The Ja Rule Beef, which side won?

In this blog post i will lyrically break down some of the songs in the infamous Shady Records Vs. Murder Inc. Beef

  • 1 Ja Rules Side
    • 1.1 Ja rule claims 50s a snitch
    • 1.2 Hailey will be a horrible person
    • 1.3 Dre is Gay
  • 2 =Shady Records side
    • 2.1 Ja Rule is ripping off of Tupac and DMX
    • 2.2 Murder inc Aren't rappers

Not entirely true

It was revealed that the restraining order was not made by Jackson himself.


The future has yet to judge that. Although, a Fake hailey twitter (That Paul Rosenberg claimed was the real Hailie for some time before the incident) Lashed out at hairy styles and Taylor Swift.

What an original accusation, like some people haven't said that before. (See: Tupac - Toss it up, Eazy E - Real Compton City G's)

Suge says to this day that Tupac…

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Freddysback Freddysback 17 June 2013

Urgent News (Next Album News

I dont really have very much to say in this blog so i'll just start. I have heard from some very reliable sources that a new Eminem song is being released July 9th. It is apparently called "Symphony in H" Although it sounds like somone who knows nothing about Eminem found a Denace song retitled and said it, i believe its real. We'll just have to find out later in the next month

In other news Jay Zs new album is dropping soon (Could have sworn his last one was his Last, but then again he alway hypes his albums with the "I'm retiring" thing.)  Also happy belated birthday to Tupac Amaru Shakur Rest in piece.

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Freddysback Freddysback 15 June 2013

Proof Eminem Didn't Sellout Pt.2

First off, my original account (Dylanisthebest123) Has recently been disabled. So i will now be editing with this one. And since i cant edit my own blogs anymore, i will just make a new one.

Maybe so. But lets look at his old songs. (The Marshall Mathers LP)

Public Service announcement (Im pretty sure its a skit telling people to "Suck his fucking cock")

Kill You (Murdering woman, rape.)

Stan (A obssessed fan who, Murdered his pregnant wife)

The way i am (Dissing interscope and critics)

The Real Slim Shady (Taking shots at many artists.)

Marshall Mathers (Taking shots at ICP)

I'm Back (Many controversial things, including talking about murdering the victims of columbine)

Drug Ballad (Name says it all)

Bitch Please ("Homophobic" Lines)

Kim (Murdering …

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Dylanisthebest123 Dylanisthebest123 7 June 2013

Eminem Collaborators

Once again i fail to come-up with a good title for a blog. Well anyway, this is just a list of collaborators on Eminems upcoming album. Unlike his past albums, This one will definantly have a long list of stars on his tracks.

  • Big Sean
  • Chris Rock
  • No I.D (Producer)
  • Dr. Dre (Possible Collaborator or Producer)
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Royce Da 5'9

  • Nas - His style is similar to Eminem, Nas also said he wanted Em on his track "Daughters" And has been on the same track with him on the leaked Detox song "Topless"
  • Ice Cube - The last time Ice and Em did anything was the Up in smoke tour.
  • Yelawolf - By far one of the greatest Shady Records artists on the label.
  • Skylar Grey
  • (I dont know right now, i had a huge list but i all of a sudden forgot it.)

Feel free to post the p…

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DarkSlayer 3 DarkSlayer 3 3 June 2013


Its been a long day.

I pull out the system that refuels me,

My defibrillator that revives me,

My cofee that revives me,

My iPOD.

I put the earphones on and tune out,

My eyes turn off but my ears turn up high,

Waves of sound shoot at my eardrums,

All the right time,

All the right way,

The full sound of instuments in the background as the vocalist loses himself in the


The steady beat is kept as the rapper rhymes each word and shockingly makes sense of it


As I lie down I think about how easy they make it look and how distinctive they make it


Mesmerised, the music calms my senses and my problems seem to fade.

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Gamerboy555 Gamerboy555 27 May 2013


Nothing to see here..

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Ghhghgh-fduser Ghhghgh-fduser 26 May 2013

Some Quick Stats

Hey guys! I thought you all would be interested in reading some quick statistics from the Eminem Wiki! Ok this will be kinda short since I got to sleep.

The Eminem Wiki averages about 230 views a day. This might not seem like much, but realise we are still a growing community! Eventually around the time Em's new album will drop, we hope to have views up to 1000.

There are exactly 128 content pages (pages about songs/albums/people), and about 1,217 pages in all including, redirects, special pages, etc. The way things are going, we will soon reach 200 articles if we put our minds to it. There are also 250 files that have been uploaded to the wiki. Now keep in mind, the wiki only has about 1 year that was actually worth something. So within the…

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Dylanisthebest123 Dylanisthebest123 25 May 2013

What i predict for the future of rap

Alright, while i have been thinking for a while and figured out a few theorys on how rap will end up in a few years... Months... or even days.

  • 1 Dr Dre
    • 1.1 Detox
    • 1.2 Death
  • 2 Eminem
    • 2.1 50 Cent Beef
    • 2.2 Upcoming Album

Well, Dre never says when it will release. So maybe he'll just let people find out themselves. Maybe he will wait for people to just log onto itunes one day and find "Detox" on the front page of Itunes.

Well, it doesn't matter if he dies from, Old Age, STD's, Shooting, Or anything else. Jimmy Iovene will be blamed for his death. Eazy E's business partner was blamed, So was Tupacs (Suge Knight) It will most likely be. All his ghost written rhymes and unused beats will be sold (Most likely to Jay Z's punkass) And Aftermath will fall.

I have re…

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