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Birth Name Alaina Marie Scott
Born February 22, 1993
Michigan, United States
Aliases Lanes
Parents Dawn Scott (mother; deceased)
Kimberly Anne Scott (aunt; adopted mother)
Marshall Mathers (uncle; adopted father)
Unnamed father

Amanda Marie Scott(Alaina) , born February 22, 1993) was born in Michigan, United States and is currently 28 years old. Her siblings are Hailie and Stevie Scott and her parents are Dawn Scott, Kimberly "Kim" Scott, and Marshall Mathers.


Her education is Cherokee Elementary and Chippewa Valley High School just like her little sister Hailie. She also went to Seneca Middle School and went to the University of Oakland located in Oakland County, Michigan.

Family Members[]

Stevie and Alaina

She is Eminem's adopted daughter, and the biological daughter of his ex-wife twin sister Dawn Scott. Eminem has custody of his niece and is raising her as Hailie Jade and Stevie Laine's[1] older cousin and sister.[2] She also has a other cousin named Parker Scott although he yet has any information about him. Alaina also has a biological sister named Amy Scott, she also has a twin brother named Adam Scott and a brother named Patrick Scott who is also yet to have any information.

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  2. the Scott's are not her biological sisters